1. Planting Technology International (PTI) is a US-based non-profit, nongovernmental organization that procures computers and equipment to provide Information & Communications Technology (ICT) education in developing countries.  

  2. The emergence of the technology and information age has brought great wealth and advancements to many countries, while leaving those in the developing world far behind, creating an ever-widening information and, by extension, poverty gap by the lack of access for the poorest communities.  

  3. By addressing this disparity of wealth and access to technological resources, we hope to provide students, young and old, with the tools necessary to compete with those who grew up with computers in their homes, and by creating ICT Centers, we will bring resources, advancements, education, and most importantly, hope to the forgotten rural poor. 

  4. PTI’s program aims to build the capacity of rural communities by working together with and providing the initial resources (i.e. computer hardware and equipment) to support and empower them to solve their technological resource constraints by creating a sustainable ICT plan that best suits the needs of their community.  

  5. The primary purpose of PTI’s activities is to provide the necessary computer equipment and hardware to ICT Centers in rural communities to help community members discover the potential of ICT programming. PTI uses ICT programming to unlock the educational potential in rural schools and supports communities in understanding how ICT can enhance their social & economic well-being.