Somanya Senior High School

Somanya is the capital of the Yilo Krobo District with a population of about 20,000. The

Somanya S.H.S. is the only public high school in town, responsible for educating students

from over 20 surrounding villages, or 1,200 students at the secondary level. 

Currently in the ICT facility at the Somanya S.H.S., students receive limited practical

computer usage. ICT classes have about 50 students per session, with a limited number of

functioning computers. With the large class sizes, five or six students must share one

computer during lessons.  This greatly decreases the amount of computer practice each

student receives. 

Due to the large student population and limited number of computers, there is a

tremendous need for more computers in the existing ICT lab at Somanya S.H.S.  Since the

classroom is already equipped for computer equipment, the costs associated with

implementing the new computers will be far less than if a new site would have to be

constructed to house the ICT laboratory.  However, repairs and additions will need to be

made because there are not enough fans for proper ventilation.  With few electrical

outlets, more will need to be installed to supplement the additional computers.  

At this time, Somanya Senior High School does not have internet access which denies the

students this standard as outlined in the syllabus set forth by Ghana Education Services. 

While there is a cyber café in the community, there are very few computers in relation to

the number of people who could be potentially utilizing the computers. 

The school would have the opportunity to use a radio satellite if they choose in order to

provide internet service to the ICT laboratory. Having more computers in the Somanya

Senior High School will help enrich the education of the students in this area and

community members who would have access to after school classes. 

original name: So Senior High

geographical location: Yilo Krobo, East Ghana, Africa

geographical coordinates: 6° 4' 0" North, 0° 19' 0" East


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