KLO Agogo Senior High School

Agogo is in the Yilo Krobo District in the Eastern Region. A majority of community

members are peasant farmers who have little access to modern technology. Currently at

Agogo S.H.S., there is only one computer that the ICT teacher uses for demonstrations

during class periods in a small accounting office (see picture below). 

With 45 students per class and one computer, ICT classes are not effective for students. In

the absence of computers and ICT equipment, the proposed ICT classroom built by the

District Assembly for the computer lab is being used as a temporary classroom for non-ICT

classes. This room needs the following to be a fully functioning ICT Center: new ceiling,

new window frames and panes, bars on windows and entrance door, two air conditioners,

painting of the interior and exterior structure, ICT furniture, networking equipment, and a

white board for instruction. 

Agogo does not have access to the internet and there is no cell phone coverage in the

area. Koforidua, a city located forty-five kilometers away from Agogo, has internet

access. This is time consuming and expensive for any member of the community to travel

to and use. 

With limited ICT knowledge in the area, the children of Agogo are experiencing far greater

challenges than those who have access to ICT training when they reach the university

level or enter the job market. 

Having an ICT laboratory set up with internet access via radio satellite will help give not

only the students hands on experience but also help community members gain access to

the technological communication age. Due to the overwhelming number of students in an

ICT class, there is a need for the supply of computers in the school.

original name: KLO Agogo Senior High

geographical location: Yilo Krobo, East Ghana, Africa

geographical coordinates: 6° 4' 0" North, 0° 19' 0" East


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